GPS Small Tackle Box 10 tubes and 2 360 Utility Boxes

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The GPS: Wild About Fishing Small Tackle Box provides storage for your small-sized fishing tackle. The bag comes with 2 360 size tackle utility boxes so that you can store your small lures, bait, hooks, weights, and other fishing accessories. Use the removable dividers in the utility boxes to customize them to suit your needs. The front pocket of the Small Tackle Box is equipped with 10 square tubes for storing jigs and lures up to 7 inches long. This method of storing jigs ensures that the sharp hooks face away from your hands and provides a safer means of storing your jigs. The front pocket is also perforated so that water from use or cleaning can drain through and away from your tackle. The main compartment of the tackle box offers specialized storage pockets for keys and other valuables. The Small Tackle Box is an innovative, compact storage option for your collection of saltwater lures and bait.
  • Designed for storing and organizing saltwater fishing lures and jigs up to 7 inches long
  • Includes 2 360 sized utility boxes for storing hooks, bait, weights, and other accessories
  • Features 10 square tubes; store your jigs and lures by hanging them from the tube sides
  • Front pocket is made with a perforated bottom so that water drains through and away
  • Features oversized dive zippers that are easy to grasp and operate with the zipper pulls

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